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Our patio covers are fully engineered for cost efficiency without sacrificing quality, utility, or beauty and offer protection from sun, wind, and rain. Installing a patio cover will also add value to your home and can even increase your overall curb appeal! Additionally, our patio covers help to keep the inside or your home cool. Customers often don’t realize that one or the biggest perks to installing a patio cover is solar heat gain mitigation. Our patio covers become your home’s pri- mary layer or defense against the sun’s infrared rays, which when absorbed, raise your indoor temperature. Due to the fact that they are the first structure that sunlight hits, it draws away heat and UV light from your home, keeping your home cooler! Apart from protecting your furniture from sunlight damage and the natural elements, your new patio cover essentially acts as a secondary heat shield.

Gutter/downspout and fascia are included in your Patio Cover price!

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* Roof thickness is determined by local building codes. Check with your local building department on requirements

* Roof trim consists of standard drip edge exterior aluminum trim

* Kit includes: 3-4 inch panels, floor/header track, roof mounting track, corner post, door, roof trim, fasteners, sealant, filler panel if needed)


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